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           Makeup and Eyebrows by Danielle Santagata - Award Winning Makeup Artist/Eyebrow Specialist

Knot Hall of fame award winning makeup artist

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Award winning brow artist ct

I  Specialize in custom eyebrow tweezing, for hard to shape eyebrows or if you are in need of corrective shaping.  Eyebrow shapings are done using tweezing and trimming only which gives a custom and detailed result, and is more gentle than waxing and threading. I currently use Kelley Baker Brow products when shaping brows. Make an appointment with me to experience one of the best custom eyebrow shapings in CT!!

Eyebrow Tweezing........ $32.00 plus tax
Tweezing and Tint (HD Brows)......... $40.00 plus tax
  • Each brow shaping is custom, and done according to your face shape, eye shape and  facial movements, I do not use wax or thread. I suggest 4-6 weeks of growth  before your first visit. 
  • If you are visiting me for a corrective brow shaping because of overtweezing, overwaxing or overthreading-  please allow 4- 6 months to see results, brow reconstruction is not done in one, two or sometimes three visits. It will include a series of growout and shaping appointments..... Please keep an open mind with changing your brow shape since it may not be what you were used to, and also patience is a MUST
  • After the first appointment I suggest regular visits every 4-6 weeks. 
Regular client who has a small scar in the middle of her brow. I tweezed and trimmed, then used a dab of kelley baker brow powder and magic stick to highlight.

tweezing trimming, kelley baker brow powder

top pic is first visit, bottom pic is after the third month visit. most brow transformations take around 3-6 months depending on your hair growthbrow tweezing and trimmingbrows and makeup by me
Progression of an eyebrow correction After 5 months  i was able to bring her brows to this  shape with a series of growouts and tweezingsHair and makeup by me for a Boudoir shootBrow shaping tweezing and trimming only, top pic is 2nd visit from client, her brows were even thinner than this when we started.  The bottom pic is her 5th month visit. she still has about 2 more months to gobefore and after brow fix, tweezing only. Please note this transformation took 8 months
makeup, brows and custom one time wear lashes by me. no filters or edits in the after photo
unedited makeup shot with nikon camera custom lashes using individuals and strips. no editing or filters
False Lashes and pink lipsmakeup with custom lashes by me. this picture is completely  unedited  makeup and custom lashes by me no filters, or edits in this photo