Danielle Santagata Award Winning Makeup Artst and Eyebrow Specialist 
Reiki Master Healer

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Award Winning Eyebrow shaping CT Makeup Artist

Eyebrow Tweezing        $48.00

Makeup Application  please email me [email protected]


Eyebrows are sculpted using a tweezing and trimming technique, and finished with  Brow products to fill and highlight where needed. Eyebrow Appointments are available by appointment only.

  • Each brow shaping is custom, and done according to your face shape, eye shape and  facial movements, I do not use wax or thread. I focus on a natural shape using trimming techniques which sculpt the brows more than just removing hairs alone.  I suggest 6 weeks of growth before your first visit. PLEASE READ BELOW
  • If you are visiting me for a corrective brow shaping because of overtweezing, overwaxing or overthreading-  please allow 4-6 months up to 1 year,  to see FULL results. This will depend on the rate of your hair growth which varies person to person. Brow reconstruction is not done in one or two visits. Even if you grow your brows out for 5 weeks before your first appt with me, more often than not you will still have to do a series of growout and shaping appointments with 5 weeks time in between, this is the only way to fix brows and the way I approach brow reshaping.  Please keep an open mind with changing your brow shape since it may not be what you were used to, and patience is a MUST.  If your not willing to grow out your brows and you do not have patience then you will not see a different eyebrow shape. Again growing out your brows requires patience and dedication.. If you would like to speed up the process I recommend using Organic Black Castor Oil found easily on Amazon.com 4oz bottle. apply with fingers or qtip every night to the whole brow including the skin to stimulate hair growth. 
  • If your brows do not or will not grow back,  all I will be able to do at your appointment  is keep your current shape neat and clean and show you how to fill your brows using the right products.
  • Brow Tinting  is offered as well upon consultation it is not for every brow. It will last between 2-4 weeks
  • please note ( Tinting will not fill in sparse brows unless there is hair in those areas that is not showing because it is too light)
  • The brow style I hope to achieve with all my clients is a natural full brow with a gentle arch. Every clients arch is different , not every brow needs to be or can be high arched.  I believe it is more important to preserve the eyebrow shape you have which will give you a more natural look, than to lose a full brow just to overly force a high arch. 
  • Please do not bring in photos from pinterest, Instagram or of celebrities brows as an example as each persons brows are specific to their face.
  • After the first appointment I suggest regular visits every 4-6 weeks. I do not do microblading Thank you!